What are athletic mouth guards?

Athletic mouth guards are worn in your mouth during athletic activity in order to prevent damage to your teeth, tongue, cheeks, and lips. Dr. Derek M. Stephens can provide custom-fit athletic mouth guards in Merrillville, Indiana to help keep your smile looking its best.

Do I need an athletic mouth guard?

It is highly recommended that you wear a mouth guard while participating in contact sports such as football, soccer, hockey, wrestling, and martial arts. Many organized athletic leagues have a mouth guard requirement. If your athletic league requires a mouth guard, our friendly dentist at Renaissance Dental Enhancement Center can provide you with an athletic mouth guard that is in compliance.

What are the benefits of wearing an athletic mouth guard?

Wearing an athletic mouth guard can protect your teeth from impact-related injuries such as chipped, fractured, or broken teeth. New studies have also shown that wearing a custom-made athletic mouth guard can significantly reduce the risk of concussion, with custom-fit athletic mouth guards providing twice as much protection as generic store-bought mouth pieces. If you would like more information about the custom-fit athletic mouth guards at Renaissance Dental Enhancement Center, we encourage you to call or visit our office today!

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