Do You Need Treatment for Tooth Sensitivity?

Struggling with severe tooth pain, including tooth sensitivity, can significantly decrease your quality of life. We encourage you to learn more about your potential treatment options for tooth sensitivity to find long-term relief. Conditions that cause tooth sensitivity include trauma in the tooth enamel, tooth decay, weakened or infected dental fillings, gum disease, or tooth… Read more »

Locate Your Dream Smile Today with Gum Disease Treatments

  A risk assessment plan is essential for proper oral hygiene. In order to ensure you do not suffer the risks of dental damage or end up with poor oral hygiene due to oral accidents and injuries, make sure you’re protecting your smile at all times. This includes always inspecting your teeth and gums for… Read more »

Three Benefits of a Dental Implant

With the presence of dental veneers and dental crowns, many patients overlook dental implants as an option for restoring their smiles. After all, crowns and veneers are easily placed without inserting screws into the gums. However, dental implants offer many benefits that other cosmetic dentistry procedures can’t. Here are three reasons to speak with our… Read more »

Keep Your Dental Veneers Beautiful With Proper Care

If you are not familiar with dental veneers, then you may be interested to know that they are cosmetic shells that are bonded to your teeth to improve damaged or misshapen teeth and enhance your smile. We offer dental veneers for many reasons, such as correcting crooked, stained, discolored, and gapped teeth. At , we… Read more »

The Beginnings of the Toothbrush

Have you ever wondered when and where toothbrushes were invented? Toothbrushes have an interesting history that goes back thousands of years. Dr. and our team are happy to share some toothbrush facts with you. Around 3500 BC, the Egyptians and Babylonians used a stick with a frayed end to clean their teeth. These toothsticks have… Read more »

Oral Emergencies–What To Do

Oral emergencies are no fun, and they cannot be planned for. However, they CAN be prepared for. As you know what to do during an oral emergency, it is more likely that permanent damage will be reduced. A familiar oral accident is biting your lips and gums. Although these are often minor accidents, they can… Read more »

Take Care of Your Toothbrush to Take Care of Your Smile

Your toothbrush is the key to keeping your smile clean and strong. But do you know how to take care of it? Here are some tips for toothbrush care to help keep your smile healthy. First, your toothbrush is yours, and only yours. Don’t share toothbrushes with anyone else! Doing so spreads bacteria, food particles,… Read more »

A Temporary Crown Does Not Restore the Full Function of a Tooth

Many dental restorations with a dental crown or a dental bridge call for the use of a temporary crown to protect an anchoring abutment while the dental lab prepares your new dental work. It’s important to note that this small plastic cap is meant to be durable enough to protect the internal structures of the… Read more »

Bruxism Signs and Symptoms

Bruxism is a disorder more commonly known as teeth grinding. Spotting the signs and symptoms of bruxism can be easier than you think if you know what you are looking for. Here are some things you should be looking for with bruxism: – Would you say that the appearance of your teeth looks dull and… Read more »

Smile Restorations Can Begin With A Dental Crown

Did you know, smile restorations can begin with a dental crown? Well, it’s true! Smile restorations can happen in many different ways, and for many, dental crowns are the reason. To help you understand more about dental crowns, our staff here at in , , is ready to give you some basic information on them… Read more »